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Most freelancers and new businesses totally under-estimate the speed at which they will get work.

Because they are so focussed on launching, it’s absorbed their mind for months, there is the assumption that the world is waiting with baited breath for their new venture. Very, very occasionally they might be right. But for most of us, and most new businesses that simply isn’t the case. Work accrues slowly. Businesses take time to build – a long time. And if you are doing something new – you will also have to educate your market about it, before they even think of buying you. I know.

And this slower than anticipated growth can put real pressure on you financially and mentally. You are desperate for your business to develop and pay – both a salary as well as recouping your investment, but you hadn’t allowed for this time drag. Which is where running it as a side hustle becomes so important.

By not giving up the day job, even when you have launched, you give yourself a greater chance of success because you are not relying totally on your new venture to support you. Sure – reduce your employed hours to 2, 3 or 4 days a week and run your nascent business in the evenings, on those other days, at weekends. Allow it time to find its feet, to start growing. You will definitely be working hard, really hard, but you will have taken the mental stress on you out of the equation.

And then when work is flowing in – take pleasure in letting your side hustle become your main gig.

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